April 25th, 2001

Trippy, tired, Tired

so tired.

I've been trying to go to bed around 11:30 lately.
Last night Evan and I upgraded LJ servers from midnight until 1:45 or so.
I'm tired now.
I almost didn't get out of bed ... my body was fighting my mind. My mind even started caving in for awhile, justifying why I could skip each class I have today.
Mind won.... damnit.
Body almost didn't get out of the shower either.... so nice and hot.
So here I am ... still tired.
Classes will be fun. *rolls eyes*

XML does the garbage collection? um.

I just overheard, "but XML does the garbage collection" in the CS lab. That goes to show you how dumb people here are, and how much they love buzzwords and technical terms over actual knowledge of anything.

In other news, wonderful weather out today .... I should bring my camera tomorrow and take a picture of the HUB lawn.... so many people!

Sarah text messaged me while I was reading my history book in the lawn ... "rad" (it was common freshman year for her to call everybody by their name with the first syllable replaced with "R" ... Reri for Eli, Rerik for Erik, etc...) I reply, "what up? i'm reading in the hub lawn.". She replies, "me in library right by u". Then she came down and found me. We talked awhile and then I came in here to the computer lab to type up my history homework and debug LJ load balancing... making no progress. Dormando--- Theo--- help!


Today can best be summarized with one word:


Everywhere! I had extensive and unintelligent conversation with both Chuck and Kenji about how much skin was showing today on campus. Typical fragments of the conversation include, "Oooh look, there....", "Wow.", "Nice.", "Hos!" (Kenji), and my favorite from Chuck: "Bounce, bounce, bounce." Yes, a good day for sight-seeing. I was looking forward to seeing Blythe lookin' sexy in a skirt, but then she changed her mind.

But I'm not just talking about girl skin .... there's 3 shirtless bodies at 7324 today too. It's so nice that all three of us are walking around in shorts. If only the camera was here already! (no ... first I need to go use Chuck's new weightbench and get in shape.... heh)

Ultimate Frisbee --- we win again

Yeah, that's right --- what team is undefeated this season in Ultimate Frisbee? The Frisbee Chuckin' Cheeva Monkeys, that's who! Our team totally rocks this year ... everybody got really good.

Sweaty now. Shower time, in a bit ... after email.

Weight loss

I've lost 12 pounds since I weighed myself last week (our house came with a scale in the bathroom, oddly enough). I gain and lose weight fast, I think ... maybe that's normal? I don't know.

Drool on book

I tried to study but fell asleep on my book. Woke up with one side of my face red (from laying on the book ... not a good pillow), and drool all over the book.

I'm going to bed now.