April 27th, 2001


Early studying

Up at 6:30 to study for midterm .... woohoo.
*rolls eyes*

Eight ball, do you foresee a nap in my immediate future?
"It is decidedly so."

Eight ball, am I going to get anally raped on this midterm?
"Without a doubt."

With Astroglide?
"Hahah ... you wish."



Well, my ass is definitely sore. But so is everybody else's. The test wasn't hard but it was time consuming, and we only had 50 minutes. I'm reasonably happy with how I did, but it wasn't spectacular. I would've failed it without my studying this morning though. I woke up at 6:30, showered, then biked to school. Got a good hour and a half or so of studying in.

After the midterm I was incredibly restless ... the next two classes were boring and I just wanted to leave.

In my classics class, this one girl I talked to a week or so ago sat right next to me again for the 5th or 6th time.... If I were Erik this where I'd immediately assume she wants my nuts, but I think she actually just likes that spot, because we haven't talked much since then.

Our classics professor today (they rotate) was a spitting image of my high school AP History teacher, Dr. Pitzer... scary. But this guy couldn't stay on topic ... Pitzer couldn't either, but this guy wasn't even close, nor did he try to be.

History was boring too today. Got out and biked home.... weather wasn't too nice today. In fact, if the description of the scenery lately has been "skin", today it was "nipples". Way too many girls wore light clothing expecting the weather to get nice, but then discovered it was actually rather, well... nippily.

I'm really enjoying the bike ride to and from campus ... good exercise, have my bike available to rush around campus, my bike leaves when I'm ready, and I can't miss it, and it takes about the same time as the bus. In bad weather I'll take the bus still, but I think I'll bike from now on. (if I have enough time and energy)

Okay, time to work on LiveJournal!

Beer and LiveJournal

Drinkin' some beer and workin' on LiveJournal. Housemates are gone for the evening, camping out at REI for the garage sale... house all to myself.

Could things be any better?

Oh, Blythe is coming over shortly and we're going to explore the huge park that we can see from our deck but have never gone to.

So I guess it can get better. Ah yea'.

Update: BTW, down from 68 emails to 32 in my inbox. Woohoo. My goal is 10 or less by tomorrow.

Coolest damn park!

Just got back from Warren G. Magnuson park (that picture looks like it was taken from our deck!). Blythe describes it here.

Seriously ... that park is the coolest damn park I've ever been to. It's huge, for one ... and there's so much random stuff, and the terrain and feel of the park changes all over. I could spend a whole day there, wandering around.

Back now... Blythe and I are going to make food later (soon?) but we're both sitting on our computers. She brings her laptop over and plugs into our network ... geek. :P