April 28th, 2001


good night

I'm going to bed now.

Tonight's going to be an especially good night, for the following reasons:
  • I know LJ's doing well, and I won't likely woke up to it being broken.
  • I can sleep in tomorrow.
  • Kenji, Chuck, Eil, and friends are sleeping in a tent on concrete in downtown Seattle while I'm at home in a nice bed... heh

Screw sleeping.

I'm not tired ... why'd I try going to bed?
I was ready to fall asleep at 8:30 while I was eating, but now I'm totally awake.
I think I'll just sit here on IRC, listen to Reel Big Fish, and watch the LJ servers.


I'm bored.
I guess I'll go sleep.

Oh, btw ... my new favorite program is xdelta. I sent dormando an email telling him to write it for me and he went out and found xdelta, which does exactly what I wanted. Okay, it's not my favorite... I lied. Second favorite. My actual favorite is still screen.

They're back....

Chuck's back from sleeping out for the REI sale, and Kenji's on his way. Damnit ... I have to share the house again. :-P

I woke up at 9:30 ... bright outside.

Working on LJ now. The second database is ready, finally. Have to prepare the code to handle two databases ... this is the fun part.


there's now a checkbox to say if you're under 13 years old on the create a journal page. then, it won't let you create one if you click it. yay for internet laws!

Stupid Hotmail

I created a Hotmail account for the sole purpose of getting an MSN Messanger account to bug Kenji, sitting 8 feet away from me.

I haven't told a single person my hotmail address, nor have I even used it to send mail, yet I get a few dozen spam messages per day on it.

I'd heard that Microsoft was in the business of spamming, but that's pretty weak. You'd think they could find other ways to make money.

Not that I care... I just get sick of that stupid thing popping up to tell me I have mail. Now that I think about it, I can probably disable mail notifications. Update: Nope... looks like you can't diable new spam notifications. Retarded.


don't feel like doing LJ.
don't feel like doing homework.
don't feel like sleeping.
don't feel like going anywhere.
don't feel like eating anything.

but I feel like there's something I want to do,
which is strange.

I keep looking around confused, like I almost thought of it.



The more I work on LJ, the more fun stuff I want to do with it. So nice having the servers nice and working... programming and designing is more fun than fixing and typing the same commands over and over again.

Need to find something fun to do now... too tired to think.