April 29th, 2001



Any "fine women" want to go to a party?
Hey man, we are having a roof party this Friday (May 4) at 10PM. It's gonna be a blast. The last party was lots of fun and this one is going to be even bigger. Feel free to bring along any girls you know. If there are some guys you want to bring, drop me a line and I'll see if I can get them on the list. Hope to see you there.

Judging by our last few parties there will be lots of fine women there. Oh yeah, cover charge is $5 for guys.

Laterz, James
Hmmm... I think I'll have to go, to celebrate midterms being over. I wish they were over already.

I need to study all day tomorrow, I think.

Inbox: 20... 17...

My inbox only has 20 messages in it now....
I think I can go to bed now.
Getting kinda tired/bored.

Update: Now only 17. Getting more tired. Kinda sad that my webcam didn't come today or yesterday ... it should've. Oh well... guess I'll get it Monday, after my midterm. I suppose that's best.

Good sleep.

I used to sleep in until noon and beyond, but lately if I wake up at 9 I feel like I slept forever. Good sleep.

I went to bed with 17 messages. Now I have 75. Mostly LJ comments ... hooray for the servers being fast. :-)

It's raining out... watching/hearing the rain is so cool in this house. Big windows everywhere and you can hear the rain splashing down into the big puddles on top of our flat roof.

Need to find something to eat.

Chicken Pot Pie

Making a chicken pot pie. Gotta love frozen foods.
I think Kenji (and Amy?) are still in bed... fucking bums. :P
I think Chuck's being a bum too. No, scratch that--- he's been a bum all weekend.
How am I supposed to study when everybody around me is being a bum?
I so can't wait until I'm done with school and Chuck and Kenji have to keep going.
I'm going to be such a bum all the time.
I say that... but I'll probably just work on LJ all the time instead of relaxing.
I need to start my laundry.
I cleaned my room up.... hung up all my clothes, too!
My curtain bar is sagging a lot.
I heard once that the sag is proportional to the 4th power of the length of the bar.
I think that was it... a google search isn't validating it, but I think I'm searching for the wrong words.


fetching music from various places.
all mp3 sharing systems suck, really.
I think a bunch of us need to get together and start a network of underground mp3 fileservers running the coda filesystem... yeah.

i'm leaving

I haven't done a damn bit of studying all day.
Goddamn I suck.

I'm going to go drive somewhere and study there.
Maybe the park? Yeah.