May 3rd, 2001


Sleep? Whateva'.

It's hard enough fall asleep at night when it's dark out. When the sun's shining in through your window it's damn near impossible.

I made scrabbled eggs and pancakes instead, since I'm out of Grape Nuts.

There's too much glare on my monitors to do anything productive right now. Guess I'll go shower, then the sun should be high enough that its reflection off the lake is no longer in my eye and on my monitors.
Trippy, tired, Tired


I'm tired. Damn chirping birdies waking me up at 5:30 am ... Just because we plugged your hole so you can't shit on our deck anymore doesn't mean you have to scream and chirp all morning because you can't peck through the duct-tape to go rescue your babies trapped inside our roof. So inconsiderate.

I have a midterm tomorrow. The professor joked in class today, "During the exam isn't the time to fret about how much you suck or how you could've been better. During the exam is time to write... write whatever you know. Don't be thinking about how you didn't even read Rhodes." The whole class chuckled. Rhodes is the book we had to read for this midterm ... 800 pages or so of pure information. Everything about the topics we're writing on. The class laughed because of course they'd read it... it'd be absurd not to! Oh, but I didn't. I suppose I should care that I'm going to flunk, but I really don't think I will. So far this class seems really repetitive... each of his lectures overlaps half of the last one. The few parts of the book I've started to read have echoed exactly what's been said in class (or rather, he echos everything in the book), and our section reiterates all that. History schmistory. I could've gone one day per week this quarter and I'll probably still pass this midterm. We'll see, though.

I also have an AI project due tomorrow. Scott and I need to finish it. Scott's supposed to come over for Survivor tonight, but he won't leave his house. I have $25 coming my way if Colby wins tonight. Scott gets the $25 if Tina wins.

Yeah, still tired.

Oh yeah... I got my webcam and set it up. Really cool device. Been hackin' a bunch of stuff for it, but I don't have time to work on it more. Must go make food or something. Outside of breakfast and a little bar I got with coffee at 10, I haven't ate yet. That may be why I'm tired too.