May 4th, 2001



now - put laundry away, eat.
8:47 - bus to school
9:30 - AI, turn in homework
10:20 - go get blue book, skip classics, go skim history notes
11:30 - BS history essay and short answers
12:20 - relax
tonight - party
weekend - code


Going downtown with Blythe to shop.
Well, her primary mission his shopping.
Mine is going downtown and getting some food.
I might get some shorts too, since I only have one pair and they're ratty.
(those oversized tan ones you hate, mom ... heh)

Yeah. I'm out.


Back from shopping, $96 poorer. Blythe is grumpy now, though ... she had a complete agenda planned out. She knew what thing, size, and color she wanted from each store, but only made out with 2 things on her list. Then there's me ... didn't even know what size I was, didn't try the stuff on, didn't plan on getting anything, and it's now upstairs on my floor in the bag still. Yup ... who's the shopping master?

Got scared when I got home ... couldn't access No program would authenticate. imapd wouldn't let me login, nor pop, nor ssh. I thought, "pam is fucked?" But if I entered the wrong password, it'd complain. Ah ... @home's DNS wasn't reversing. I added our static IP to the machine's hosts file and all is now well, and I can read my mail again.

Back to LJ stuff.


I need earplugs. My hearing is way too damn good.... Drives me insane. It's neat sometimes that I can hear things that nobody else can, but I wish I could turn it off. That's where earplugs come in.

Sure, I can cover the sound up with my headphones and loud music, but most the time I just want pure silence.

Where can I buy earplugs? Can I buy them online?


off to party!

Update: Chuck and I ran to the bustop, but we missed it by 17 minutes. guess we should've looked at the schedule. next one comes in 10 minutes.

Update 2: I really have to get out of here. The noises coming out of Kenji's room are starting to frighten me. (with Chuck and I gone, they have the house to themselves.... do they know we're here still?)