May 6th, 2001


Morning so far

Woke up at 8:00, after going to bed at 2:15 or so.
Made breakfast.
Cleaned the kitchen.
Swept the kitchen, bathroom, and basement.
Need to buy a dustpan ... been using a piece of paper.
Think I'm going to vacuum too.

Goddamn Marie Callender

Dear Marie Callender,

Please don't put so much fat in your chicken pot pies. I used to like your product, but then my girlfriend told me it's unhealthy and I should look at the nutritional label on the box. 108% of fat for my day out of one meal? That's pathetic. Of course you actually said it contained 54% of my RDA of fat, but then I noticed you said it was two servings in this little pot pie. Hah ... almost fooled me.

Thank you.

- Brad