May 7th, 2001



This weekend went way too quick.
But at least I got stuff done! Yesterday I did this, and today I did this. Hooray for clean code!

Here's how much homework and reading I did:

What was that? Oh, none. Yeah. I'm great. Damnit.

I think this week at school will be nice and easy, since we just had midterms last week. Yeah. I'll keep telling myself that. I'll ignore the book report on the book I haven't even opened yet.

In other news, Blythe's on crack:

(00:15:05) Blythe: where'd the fish go?
(00:16:21) Brad: what fish?
(00:16:25) Brad: in blythe's tummy?
(00:16:41) Blythe: here fishie fishie
(00:16:42) Blythe: :P
(00:16:50) Blythe: theres a fish in my belly
(00:18:19) Blythe: la la la
(00:18:22) Blythe: where is brad
(00:18:24) Blythe: la la la
(00:18:28) Blythe: i will sing a song
(00:18:30) Blythe: la la la

Oh, for all that don't know, Blythe's my girlfriend. I guess I don't mention that enough. You can't ask me to marry you. **cough**

Don't want to go to school.

I don't want to go to school today.
I mean, I never want to, but usually I don't mind.
Today I just don't want to go.
But... since I have nothing better to do, being so tired, I guess I'll go.
Fun fun fun fun.

Wasn't so bad.

School wasn't so bad today. Lectures were only pseudo-boring.
Good weather, too.

Interesting story --- A really cute girl walked into the bathroom today when another guy and myself were in there. She asks, "Is this the women's bathroom?" I said, "Well, there are urinals." The other guys said, "I think it's upstairs." She wasn't embarassed or anything, and didn't leave quickly. (we were both just washing our hands when she came in, so it wasn't awkward for anybody). I walked out right behind her and noticed the bathroom sign now says "Men/Women Bathroom". A co-ed bathroom? I don't recall ever seeing one of those before. The sign was new, too ... it used to be a men's bathroom. I talked to the girl a bit and we both agreed that was really bizarre. She went upstairs to the women's restroom.

I rode my bike downhill to catch the 75 bus to class. Then I took the 71 home, catching it right next to my last class, which drops me off up the hill, so I could ride my bike home, too. Ah yea'. I'm happy with this new system --- never having to ride uphill. ;-) When I bike to and from school without taking the bus it's a little challenging... have to hit a hill. Either the steep one at the very end, or go up a long, not very steep hill. Yeah, bet you all care, huh? :-)

I'm going to go make spaghetti now. It's my one last remaining piece of food in the house.

Frisbee game tonight. Ah yea'.

Blythe wants to go to Hooters. Maybe we'll go for dinner. Anybody else interested in joining us?