May 11th, 2001



Skipping classics. Don't want to be late to history. Heh ... sure, Brad. Nice excuse. Reality: it's sunny and old poetry is more boring than modern poetry.

Stoopid allergies. Necesito drogas.


Hell yeah --- weekend!
I got ten billion things to program and setup.
I was designing a new top-secret LJ project on the bus today... almost missed my stop.

Oh, midterm grades:
History -- 3.0
Classics -- 66% (mean was 78%)
AI -- 77%
Music -- 95% (can you tell what class I actually like?)

Out of iced tea. Anybody want to go shopping for me and get me iced tea and food? I need minions. I need I also want somebody to setup this new server. ? heh. i called him ... he's gone.

Update: screw programming, I'm watching southpark! patrick sent me an episode I've been meaning to see --- gobbles!
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    They Might Be Giants - Istanbul


fact: i'm hungry.
fact: i have no groceries.
fact: i won't leave the house to grocery shop.
fact: can't grocery shop hungry (get too pissy)
fact: safeway provides groceries
fact: safeway provides resturant (china express)

goal: not hungry, have groceries.

searching for plan ...

plan found:
leave house because i'm hungry, go to safeway, eat chinese food, shop for groceries, return home.


After my previous two big accomplishments for the day, it's all been downhill. I got tired and unmotivated. Patrick came over and we watched The Negotiator. Blythe's over now.... we're going to go pickup Chuck's car from QFC so it doesn't get towed while he's in Arizona.

Oh, somewhat interesting --- that guy that was going to sue me last week and then decided he loves me after I sent him directions on configuring his webserver has now sent me a box of candy. Heh. Things like that restore my faith in the goodness of people. A lot of people seem like assholes, but many are actually kind at heart.