May 12th, 2001


secret project

Workin' on the top secret[1] LJ project all day today, after releasing the boring fixes this morning. Blythe's helping me on it too.... fun stuff.

It's neat having a test server ... can totally break stuff and not care.

[1] Top secret because if I don't develop it that way, people will bitch the whole time I'm working on it.

i need a back rub

golden garden was okay.. not great.
tons of people, tons of fires, not enough people i knew.
spun fire... okay, would've enjoyed more people i know.
brought meat to cook, but it was still frozen and we had nothing to flip it.
got kinda frustrated... hungry... headache... tired...
back here now, programming "operation cheese".
i'd like to release it tonight but don't know if i'll finish.