May 13th, 2001

Trippy, tired, Tired


nobody's online to bug and to bug me.
in other news, though, the secret project is almost done.
screw it... i'm going to bed. too tired.
finished all the hard parts... tomorrow will be easy stuff.
zzzzzzz. out.

getting old?

I think I'm getting old.
Whatever time I go to bed, I wake up at 7:30.
Only old people wake up that early.
Well, Happy Mother's Day, ma.... you have an old son.
I tried falling back asleep but I couldn't.
Only 5 hours of sleep, too.
Weather is really neat out... all misty and gray.
Guess I'll program now and nap later if I'm tired.
(goddamn ... old people take naps too)
I'm not old!

AOL and CS Department?

Some dude in my CS class just sent a message to the class mailing list saying he doesn't have a group to work with on our next project and he "really" needs one please. If that weren't pathetic and funny enough, his email address was ... umm... yeah. You're really going to find a group when your email address says right away how technically competent you are. I don't want to hear any excuses .... if he was a friends' or his parents' house, he could've putty'ed in to the CS cluster and used his @cs email account.

In other news, still hackin'. Secret project is feature complete now... just writing plugins now. Working with revjim on getting the new server up and running, too. (btw, you can do that like <lj user=revjim> ... but that's not the new feature)

feel dirty.. hair burnt

Last night when I was spinning I didn't hit myself in the head or anything, but I guess the fire got too close to my hair at some point, because it's all singed at the top in the back... big chunk all burnt. Crispy, curly and sticky. Feels like I need to take a shower, but I already have.

I've been meaning to get a haircut[1] soon anyway, so I'll just chop off the burnt stuff.

In other news, still hacking.

[1] get a haircut = me do it or have kenji or blythe do it ... got bored of waiting in line to pay $15 for somebody else to do it

test server = fun

heh.... revjim and angelicdestiny both have access to and accounts on the LJ test server. this is where all the cool people hang out. pffft, whateva! modify your hosts file and putting in an line is where it's at. we're up to 10 whole users! naomi was userid 10. heh.

Update: and now dormando is userid 11. gonna be 126,000 before long!

italian food

never got my nap
going to dinner with blythe and her family shortly.
kinda bored working on the secret LJ project... hard part's done.
just easy boring tedious stuff now.
hope I didn't have any homework ... only 5 hours of sleep last night.
won't feel like doing homework tonight.