May 14th, 2001



feel crappy... tired, grumpy, headache, bored.
slept through my first two classes.
14 hours of sleep?
i'm going to drive to school and go to history.
park right by my class... parking meters there.
maybe hit Ivar's and get lunch.
i need to go take a picture of the area I got my parking ticket
for proof there was no sign saying I had to pay.
don't feel like reading more mail, so comments are off.
there's a bug that lets you post anyway... need to fix that.

Crap crap crap

Went to take pictures of the place I got my parking ticket... there is a sign saying you have to pay. It's white and facing a different direction from the parking lot sign you see when you drive in. Never noticed it before... there's also a little thing to pay $1.50 and get a permit. Guess I'll be paying the $25 fine.

I thought my history class was 12:30, not 11:30 ... missed the first 30 minutes.

Ivar's was busy... didn't want to wait.

Traffic sucked.

AI homework due on Wednesday... Another history paper is due next Monday, this one 7 pages.

No progress on getting the new LJ server to work.

Never happy.

too much homework

been doing AI reading & homework... good stuff. (the reading that is... homework sucks)

took a shower and cut my hair. i need a handheld mirror... I can't see the hair on the back of my head, so cutting it is difficult to impossible.

tired. why?[1] i slept for 14 hours last night.

hmm... back to studying. think i'll make spaghetti ... i've only ate eggo waffles and peanut butter all day. not healthy.

oh, wrote a script. that was kinda fun.

[1] Rhetorical question. You can't comment anyway.

more hair gone

cut my hair again, now that it's dry.
it's now as short as the width of my fingers.
except in the back, where it's still poofy feeling.
i tried cutting the back again, but it's difficult.