May 15th, 2001



Another crappy start of an inevitably crappy day!

I was going to go to class, but LJ broke, then broke again.
Fuck that, I guess.


I need to focus on one thing and do it well ... splitting my energy and concern up over multiple things doesn't work well at all.
Trippy, tired, Tired

day in review

tons of LJ problems this morning.
drove to class
paid my parking ticket
went to red robin w/ blythe
went to music
went to 5251.. met suzy, my subletter.
she's nice.
came home.. homework.
frisbee... rain... lost.
back. showered. homework.
bleh. tired.
  • Current Mood
    still hating school


Brad's word of the day is: tessellated.

I'm hungry. Almost done with AI homework ... kinda. Then I have to finish reading this.

I just realized something: I love all my classes[1] by themselves, but not together... together it's too much.

Making burgers with Chuck and Kenji, once Chuck gets home. Must... finish.... homework..... painful... ahhhh.....

[1] I take that back. Classics blows. I really like AI, History, and Music, though.

evil roommate

Chuck just brought Kenji and I both 85 gram Tootsie Rolls ... is he trying to make us fat?

I will now proceed to eat it all because I have no will power.

burgers and NBGS

Those were the best damn burgers ever.

nolegs just reminded me that I'd forgotten about my Networked Bored Game System project... doh! I need to work on that again.... I'd totally forgotten about it and not cared, but now that I remember it I totally want to finish it.... it was just about working, too. Stupid school ... wastin' all my time.

Seriously ... this summer I'm going to do so much stuff. I'll be unstoppable!! :-P

Grrr... back to homework.