May 16th, 2001


5 hours

got 5 hours of damn good sleep.
wish it was more....
catch the 8:59 bus to campus
stay awake in AI
stay awake in classics, get worksheet I missed yesterday
read history during break
stay awake in history
come home, get package, nap
work on history paper
set up servers


AI was okay.
classics was so slow.
worked on LJ plans/notes.
considered dropping classics, but can't afford to get 5 credits behind.... I want out.
forgot my student ID ... in my car? had to pay money for the bus this morning.. suck.
also, can't get into the snack room in th CS department, and i'm starving.
need to read history now, i guess.
classics quiz tomorrow (on what?!?!?) and paper due next week, along with history paper... both those classes are kicking my ass, but history I can scrape by at least.
I hate school.

Selling the site... heh.

I just got an email from a user with a single line of text:
I would like to purchase all rights to Live Journal. Have you considered selling the site?
No name, no company, no phone number. There's no name in the header of their email, even... just their email address.

Kinda amusing .... would've been more amusing had it been from I think it's a joke but I asked them who they were out of curiosity. If they were serious it'd seem like they'd address me a little more professionally, perhaps explaining their intentions or setting up a time to talk.

One of my roommates said I should ask for $25 ... I said, "or a taco".

Update: Got a reply. They're actually serious. Bizarre.

Update 2: Disabled comments because I'm getting annoyed by all the "don't sell" pleas. It's not yahoo wanting to buy it... it's somebody with a email adderss. And I'm not even thinking about selling it... chill.


I haven't been reading in classics or history.
I have a quiz tomorrow in classics... don't even know what it's on. And I certainly haven't read it.
In History I have a 7-9 page paper due next week. I haven't started, don't know what I'll write it on, and haven't read anything to cite or back up anything I say.
Servers haven't arrived ... so I haven't set them up.
Fucking hate school.


Chuck has two girls over.... I thought it was going to be 1 girl, which is 1 unit bad. But 2 girls makes 4 units bad. Kenji and I were trying to derive a formula for the noise output as a function of n girls, based on empirical data.