May 22nd, 2001


Daaaaaaaamn it's nice out

Holy shit is the weather ever awesome today.
The sun has instilled in me super power.. I shall be productive, oh yes.
Things to do:
  • pay bills
  • AI writeup
  • classics paper
  • history paper
Ugh. Must do all before super power fades!


I posted my todo list earlier. Let's see how much progress has been made:
  • pay bills -- made Kenji pay one (since he owes me like $100 anyway) and I paid one. Done!
  • AI writeup -- Scott did it. He also did the whole project. Goddamnit... I suck. I wish somebody could do my classics so I could work on CS stuff that's actually fun.
  • Classics paper -- not done, but it's only 2 pages max, and I think I can BS it fine.
  • History paper -- DONE! And it's not even due for another few days... he delayed it yet again (for the 3rd time). Hey Blythe or Scott... wanna proofread and make fun of it? I actually don't think it sucks as much as most papers I write.
Oh... you know that classics quiz I flunked last week? I thought I only got 2.5 points out of 60 but as it turns out, I not only got the 2.5 points I thought I got, but she also gave me 15 out of 25 points for the essay I totally BSed... seriously, I wrote utter gibberish and she gave me points. Most amazing. So I ended up with a 17.5 / 60 ... 29% Woohoo!

Oh yeah: 7 days of school left!


Name my price? Wow.

Baby, would you be the bestest bestest boyfriend ever?

My printer is dead and I need three pages printed (one of them isn't even a full page). Could you print them for me? I can meet you before class tomorrow or pick them up tonight? Name your price and we can open negotiations ;-) Otherwise I'll be forced to do it in the library, which would royally suck.

She's so funny.

Stoopid translations

They wept together; then resolved to pray
To Powers above and heavenly guidance seek
In oracles; and quickly, hand in hand,
Uhh.... somebody should tell this translator that English word order isn't as flexible as Latin. Maybe he meant to write it like that being artsy or something, but I would've put the verb before the subject object, being an English speaker and all. *sigh*

... I don't want to be reading this.