May 23rd, 2001


Tons o' thing

So hot — kinda good. kinda bad.

Allergies — not good at all. been draining snot out my nose all day onto everything. and the occasional sneeze containing with it chunks of booger. most wonderful. need more allergy medicine.

Papers — history paper 2 got delayed again because history paper 1 still isn't back. today history paper 3 got assigned, which is due friday, at the same time as history paper 2. Grrrr. Oh, and my classics paper is due tomorrow. Good thing about my history paper 3: nobody in the class has been reading. One guy asked, "How much does the book cost?" to which somebody asked, "What? You didn't even buy the book." His answer: "Shit, I don't got money."

Ice gross — our ice tastes gross lately. should we wash the ice cube trays? or maybe our water is bad all the sudden? disappointing. i love sucking on ice all day.

Squirrel Mail — I love the squirrel. Very sexy. Need to setup SSL, though. Debating buying a certificate. Probably will. Need to finish migrating all my stuff over from old to new machine. Stupid school.


Think I'll work on papers now. Kinda hard to think about that thought as I sit here all sweaty without a shirt in my leather chair looking out at the lake and all the people on boats having a good time. Boats = water = fun = no school = no work = no allergies = water skiing = fun. Did I mention fun?


Hahah..... funny to look at two journal entries back to back dealing with the same subject, yet taking two totally different perspectives:

blythe discussing girls on trampolines
eli discussing girls on trampolines

I have to agree with Eli ... what a damn good idea.

In other news, I cleaned the house. Vacuumed and swept just about everything. Amazing how easily priorities can get inverted when there's real work to be done.

Maybe I'll go to Safeway too..... need to get food (to eat) and food (to cook with).

yeah I rule

I went to safeway and got $100 worth of groceries.

I ate some burritos from the deli while I shopped... forgot to give the checker the empty bag, so I stole (into my stomach) burritos from safeway.... mwa hah ha. They were all old and crappy anyway. The deli lady felt bad "selling" them to me.

But... those fuckers benefited because while I slowly shopped I picked up $105 worth of groceries. Good stuff, too.

I haven't started my classics paper but I'm going to go out on Chuck's boat with Kenji and Chuck .... Chuck's coming by from Kirkland and he's going to pick us up at the boat ramp at the park.... then he'll drive us back here from his dad's house. KICK ASS.

Boating, Beer, and Billy G

Boat ride kicked ass.

Chuck docked (kinda) at Magnusson Park, Kenji and I got on, then we hit the lake, accompanied by Chuck's dad, uncle, and uncle's girlfriend. We all had some beer. On the way to Chuck's dad's house we drove by Bill Gates' house... they were having a big party. People walking around, glass elevator moving, people in the lawn, people playing MS Flight Simulator on the big screen TVs. Chuck's uncle proposed we moon them all, but we didn't... *sigh* After boating we played some pool.

Now we're back.... I have to write a 2 page paper that's due tomorrow on material I haven't yet read. Blah.

But it's a good day ... the house is all wonderfully clean and I have shitloads of groceries now.