May 25th, 2001


blah blah words words

Slept in, skipped some classes, went to a class, worked on server move. I'm sick. Cold and allergies together. Blah.

I'm getting sick of posting lately, for a number of reasons:

  • I can't write.
  • Nothing interests me, so I have nothing interesting to write about.
  • Nothing profound to say.
  • I never have anything happy or positive to talk about. I'm always grumpy. People are always pissing me off, annoying me, or disappointing me. And more often than not I can't write about it because those people or friends of those people read it.
  • I get sick of reading comments. Too many people I don't know reply. Not enough people I do know reply. Too many long threads about off-topic stupid shit.
  • The things I do want to talk about I can't, because the large number of people that read my journal. I'm not the fucking LJ news, but I'm still a friend of 514 people. Seriously, I'm not interesting... take me off your list. Update: I'm just being grumpy. Ignore me.
Grrrrr. Did I mention I'm grumpy?

bye, hizzoes

Chuck and I are going to go kayaking in lake washington.... I wanted to go from here to Kirkland but I think we're going to go from Mercer Island to Seward Park instead: map


Kayaking kicked ass!

Kayaking kicked ass! Such a good workout. When we got to the rocky beach on the other side of the lake we laid on the warm rocks and threw rocks in the air and tried to hit them with out rocks ("pull!") I got lucky and hit on the first try .... we didn't hit at all after that.

The way back was easier ... either the current was with us or I'd got the stroke thing down.

Fun stuff.