May 28th, 2001



Woke up to find ej2k spammed my latest journal entry with hundreds of stupid posts. Turns out he's pissed because I banned him yesterday from replying in my journal because he asked me a stupid fucking LJ tech support question.

So I suspended his journal in retaliation.

Turned off anonymous posting too.

He'll probably just create a bunch of dummy accounts to harass me now.... need to do the trust metric thing.

I'm glad I have somebody harassing me now... it'll let me focus on features to combat it.

Day in review

Did some LJ work... automating paypal payment processing. Mostly done. Still some work to do.

Raja came over to help me setup LJ's BIG-IP --- what a damn cool machine. I can't wait to install it and get it working.

Blythe and I got Slurpees, went to the park, and played Frisbee.

Watched parts of Out of Sight with Chuck and Kenji. Chuck made pasta for dinner for all of us.

Haven't accomplished even a third of what I'd planned to do this weekend, but oh well.... I got a lot done that I didn't plan on. *shrug*