June 2nd, 2001


12 hours of sleep. Roommates suck.

I slept for 12 hours. Goddamn that rules.

Kenji and Chuck are off to watch a movie.

Kenji's essentially done with finals... he only takes two damn classes: accounting and Japanese (in which he's already fluent). He also gets credit for his job... why can't I get credit for my job? I asked the CS advisor... she said I couldn't and I gave up hope, but then I found out about Kenji doing it. Grrrr. Damn Kenji... yes. YOU SUCK! :-P

Um... Chuck only has 2 finals also. He sucks too. Less than Kenji, though, because they're both somewhat challenging.

I'm gonna go make some pizza or something then read more. Fun fun fun.

Eggos + Peanut Butter, Classics Studying

Best snack: eggo waffles with chunky peanut butter

Classics studying is going well ... I remember a lot more than I thought. I'm going through each work we've read this quarter and making notes on it ... characters, themes, plot, style, etc. A big part of the test is identifying an author/work given a passage from the work. If I can memorize the style and characters of each piece, that should make the identifications easy. I got a zero on this part of the test on my last quiz... pathetically, the works and authors were listed at the top of the quiz. I could've just listed one author and one work for all the fields and got at least 2 points. Heh.


I'm taking a break from studying to learn Macromedia Flash. I noticed they had a free download of the authoring software on their website.


Update: That was fun for, like... 5 minutes almost. Need to get back to studying. I'll resume making ghost symbols and scaling and rotating them after finals.

Study Guides my ass

I'm going over all my old notes and study guides for Classics. I've realized that my study guides are completely useless to study from because I just BSed them all quickly to get the participation checkmark, but the words on them are all too often just gibberish to take up space. She never read them.

Oh well... at least I can use them to read the questions and see if I can't figure out a real answer.

LJ time

I broke down.

I'm working on LJ as a break from studying. There are just too many patches sitting in my local tree and in my inbox that are begging to be merged.

And for further excitement --- I realized my development LJ box has X installed, so I'm using emacs remotely, and editing in color! This is the first time I've worked on LJ in X, rather than emacs in the console. Hooray!

Hope to finish all this stuff quickly, then head to bed, feeling accomplished and relaxed. We'll see ....