June 3rd, 2001


Yay for spanish quizzer!

I wrote a program to quiz me on Spanish vocabulary a few years ago. I still use it every quarter. I learned a bunch of music stuff from it earlier this quarter, and right now I'm having it quiz me on classics authors/works. The cool thing about it is that it keeps asking questions until you've both answered it a few times correctly in a row, and your overall correct/wrong ratio on that question is above a certain threshold (I forget all the parameters now, and am too lazy to go look). I learned a few dozen German cities and rivers this way, too, back in high school.

Hooray for learning games!


Went to Red Robin with Blythe, then took a nap. Sooo tired.
I think my body just doesn't want to face tomorrow's final.
I'm not all that scared anymore, though. Now I'm starting to get scared for my next ones.
Can't find any music to give me energy or brighten my spirits.
Switched my Windows[1] machine's wallpaper to this... peaceful.
I keep thinking the boat will move, but it doesn't.
I wanna go out on the lake! I wanna be done with finals! I wanna sleep!

[1] Setting wallpaper on my linux desktop is pointless... I never see it. Each virtual desktop is covered in xterms, most full screen.

Kitchen clean!

Totally cleaned the kitchen, since it magically got pretty bad today. It was nowhere near as bad as 5251 was at any given time, but definitely in need of cleaning. 96% of it was Chuck's crap... blender juice staining the counter, hot dog water still on the stove (with the stove still turned on... with Chuck gone), pancake mix hardening everywhere: counter, bowls, mixer, plates, and tons of dishes in the sink, which had to be Chuck's, because they weren't mine and Kenji uses the dish rack, not the dish washer.

But... Chuck is good at doing the garbage and recycling, so I'll continue to be the kitchen cleanin' bitch.. Just find me an apron and I'm golden.

Somebody sometime needs to clean the shower and toilet and stuff.... I don't think that's been done since we've lived here yet. That's not a fun chore.

My favorite chores are mowing, sweeping, and vacuuming. Shit... I think it's time for a poll! GO VOTE!


Roman poetry rules:
Good luck to her, let her enjoy her lovers,
the whole three hundred that she hugs together,
loving none truly, by grim repetition
    wringing them all sperm-dry.
Seriously, what a slut. 300? Impressive.


Ich habe keine energy. Ich will schlafen. Warum schreibe auf Deutsch? No sé. Ahora yo escribo en español porque meine Deutsch ist nicht gut (muy mal). Yo quiero estudiar mas idiomas... no tengo tiempo que necessitas.

Whenever I try to speak a foreign language it comes out a mix of German, Spanish, and English where I'm lacking in vocab. Blah. I need to use my Learn German CDs more. This summer!

Kenji and I are making pizza..... maybe that'll give me energy. Doubtful.


Instead of studying, Kenji, Chuck and I all watched Zorro. I have to wake up in 7 hours to go take my final, so I'm off to bed. I'm not too worried anymore... it's Wednesday that's going to suck, having both History and AI. After Wednesday it'll be downhill... Friday is just music, and that's fun (= easy).