June 4th, 2001


T-87 minutes.

87 minutes until final. *gulp*

Chuck has a habit I guess of not sleeping before finals. I'm not sure if that's admirable or stupid. Personally, I enjoyed my sleep. I even had a dream! And get this: it was about having a final the next day and going out to a movie instead, then I got tired and slept in the car in the parking lot. Heh ... how appropriate. On the other hand, I think that's pretty pathetic to dream about sleeping.

I should go eat or something. I want to drink a bunch of iced tea (because I always do... iced tea rules), but I hate it when I'm stuck in a final and I really have to piss.

Forgot to post. T-80 minutes.

1 down, 3 to go...

I'm one big step closer to summer.

Ahhhhhhh yea'.

Glad I studied.... came in damn helpful. I anticipated about 75% of the tricks they tried to pull. I was outta there in 40 minutes of the allotted 2 hours. (Shutup, Scott)

3 finals to go....

Having two on Wednesday sucks. The history one will especially suck... 3 parts to it: First part we answer 5 short answer questions out of 7 we're given. Second part is spending a half hour writing an essay on a book (which I did read... the Firecracker Boys). Next part is of 10 essay questions we've already been given, 3 will be on the test, and we're to answer 2 of them. So... study strategy is write theses for all 10 essay questions and a few main points. In the course of doing all those, I should learn enough to let me get by fine on the 5 short answer questions (as those will invariably overlap with material from the 10 essay questions)

The AI final scares me, because we haven't really done much this quarter at all. Pretty weak class, IMO. I have no clue what the final will be on. However, he's been mailing us that he put a review and study guides up on the website, so that should be easy. (easy... but still time-consuming)

Killing time in the CS lab waiting for Chuck to call me. He's in his math final now. We drove to class together this morning, parking in Zone 6, since I still have my permit from 5251.

Guess I'll start studying for AI.

Unbreakable NT passwords!

Okay, this is almost as bad as "XML does the garbage collection":
"You use that character to get unbreakable passwords in NT, just like the smiley face character in DOS." -- dumbass in the CS lab
Dear God, no! Why do I go to this school? Why am I in the CS department? I should have gotten a degree in something challenging where I feel stupid instead of feeling like I'm wasting my time and surrounded by imbeciles.


Reasons to be grumpy:
  • Went to history review session
  • late, so had to drive
  • traffic
  • couldn't find a place to park
  • It was boring
  • 15 lucky people didn't get their 3 paper returned... I was one of them. The 2 I did get back I didn't do well on.
  • had to look stupid and leave early since my time was running out in the pay lot I found
  • I was a minute and a half late so the asshole charged me another dollar... For 2 minutes I stood at the other side of the street waiting for a break in traffic to run across as I watched in going around the lot writing up cars that had been there too long. He got to my car first.
  • hungry
  • tired
  • etc, etc...
Oh, and I have two finals to study for. *sigh*

In happy news, though .... at least my ass isn't sore.


I returned my 7 or 8 classics books today and got a whopping $24.00 back. Oh gee.

But, since I was already getting free validated parking there, I went into adjacent computer store and played with both a Titanium G4 laptop and a desktop machine that had OS X on it (which I'd never used before). My reactions to both:

OS X: has potential, but damn was it ever slow! couldn't figure out a lot of things, either. when I finally found the terminal, I couldn't see how do to adjust its transparency. I could hardly read the text. I ran gcc -o forkbomb forkbomb.c and it said, "cc? Okay? [Y/n]" I assume this is a tcsh feature, which I don't use. Silly BSD people ... you know you want bash. But bash wasn't around. Anyway, forkbomb ran, slowed the system down a ton, but it's still responsive under extreme loads. I ran MS IE on it... no internet access was available, but for kicks I tried ... and Apache was running! Woo.

Titanium Laptop: Slick. Love the screen. Keyboard's great. One mouse button, though. :-/

I was thinking that if I get a laptop, OS X might be the way to go, since I could have my unix development environment and my desktop environment all in one, without rebooting. (because at home here I have 3 computers on at once... all being used for different things). However, several things about Apple are still pushing me to get a Dell: 1) that silly apple on the back of the laptop. but maybe the guy at the trophy shop can take that off and put a little hockey player on top. happy, shut the hell up. okay... 2) OSX GUI is too slow. 3) OSX can't play DVDs yet? Pffft.

However, many things push me to get it: 1) sexy lookin', 2) dual purpose (dev + desktop), 3) new operating system to play with and develop for.

I'll probably end up getting a Dell, though.