June 8th, 2001


Wall Progress

Our wall construction project is going wonderfully.

Here are the current pictures.

We've got one piece of dry wall up and we're cutting the second. Dry wall is nothing compared to doing the frame.

Worst of all though was hanging the door frame nice and even. Goddamn that's a bitch.

Back to work! Insulation time.... need to go change into pants and long-sleeves.

Progress report

Went to 7-11 to get slurpees and gloves. The slurpee machine was dead but I did get gloves.

We have half the wall drywalled and insulated. Almost done. (pictures)

My Windows digital camera software isn't working right now... decided to stop working, after working reliably for the past many months. I'll reboot windows (sigh) and fetch the latest gphoto2 cvs and hope my patch for my camera is in there, since I lost it. (somebody told me it is in there, though, so that's good....)

Time to screw more dry wall!

Done with wall!

The wall is now structurally complete! (All pics)

I should go to bed... I have a final tomorrow. (just music)

Tomorrow I think we'll all start moving our stuff around (nobody is staying in the same place) and then we'll need to tape/mud/paint the wall sometime. We have everything but the paint, but Kenji (Mr. Painter) will have that soon enough.

KICKASS!!! (building is fun)

Oh, and Mom --- I still have 10 fingers. And we didn't destroy the house, and it didn't cost $400-$500 ... only $120. (she was trying to dissuade us from building it, since she's Mrs. Carpenter and I'm only geek son that can't use a saw... isn't that right, ma? :-P)


I crimped my first ethernet cable a few minutes ago.... *tear* Yes, it was momentus.

Now that we won't all have our computers in the same room, we have to run ethernet all over the house.

I'd finish this project, but I have a final tomorrow and it's late.

Oh, health update: all the mucus that had been living the back of my throat is now gone, but it's left behind a killer sore throat. I can't talk .... hurts. This should be gone in a day or two, though.


Stupid birds & sun

I can't sleep. My body thinks it's morning ... birds are chirping and the sun is coming up.

I think I'll make some scrambled eggs and toast, study for a bit, then take a nap for awhile before my final.

la la la

was tired all day. damn 3 hours of sleep.
music final was easy... I conquerored it.
got more stuff moved into my new room.
went to red robin with chuck.
kinda tired now. gonna sleep once I can get to my bed.
need to do more movin' and unpackin'

oh, i mounted my network camera up on the wall in the corner... it now overlooks my whole room. damn cool. need to get that up on the web sometime.