June 9th, 2001


Stomach best be behavin'

Dear Stomach,

Today is a perfect day. I have nothing to do and everything that could be done.

My only qualm is that you keep rumbling, causing me great pain and interrupting me from my work.

I suspect you are complaining because I put so much chicken fajita in you last night. Is that it? Is it the oily stuff from the pan that all the vegetables soak in? Perhaps I shouldn't have dipped the fajitas in it? Or do you not like the onions I put in my fajitas? I know vegetables are generally poision, but those onions looked damn good.

I'll make you a deal .... stop being a bitch and I'll be nice to you and feed you food you like, okay?

- Brad

P.S. What sounds good for lunch?

i'm stupid

I just hit 'pause' on my mp3 player (on the computer) to pause my DVD player (on the other side of the room).

This is as dumb as me pressing my unlock button on my car remote control to try and open the front door (which I do every other week it seems)

Update: This wouldn't have been a problem if Blythe had brought back my remote control after borrowing my DVD player. :-P