June 10th, 2001



been a tough day at the office.... better head to bed so I can have the energy for the grind all over again tomorrow.... yup yup. life sure is tough. :-P

goddamn I love summer.

the only reason I'm going to bed is because the birdies start chirping at like 3:30 or so and I want to be sound asleep before they wake up, cause they're loud.

Sea Tacos!

Kenji and I are off to Taco Del Mar in a few minutes here.... he's buying. All I have to do is help carry a mattress. Phsssaw! easy.

I like Working Kenji. He's never here (always working) and now he offers to buy me food because he has money.

And I think he likes Summer Brad ... I sit around and do nothing, willing to do anything anytime because I'm not busy. "Want to go to Home Depot and get stuff for the wall?" Sure. "Want to watch my new DVD tonight?" Hell, let's watch it right now.

Summer rules. Woke up at 11:15 or so this morning, rolled off the couch, and got right on the computer. Already got a ton of stuff done. Need to go take a shower before I go out for the fancy dinin'.

Motion JPEG specs

Can anybody point me in the right direction to find specs on the various Motion JPEG formats? MJPEG-A, MJPEG-B (also called 411, 422, 111, perhaps)?

From what I've read, the formats are all very similar and easy ... just JPEG frames with some crap in-between. I just need to know what that crap is.


off to get a coffee table and chinese food or something with blythe

coffee table's going to go right in front of my fouton futon for playing scrabble on and so blythe can bring her laptop over and sit there instead of kicking me off my computers all the time. :-P

Road Trip?

Blythe and I got a plan ... we're thinking about going on a little roadtrip.

Once I get my laptop, that is. Then I can program while Blythe drives, and Blythe can play Mahjongg and watch DVDs while I drive.

That'd rule.