June 12th, 2001



tired, but not tired.
hungry, but not hungry.
i'm having clonic spasms in my right bicep... annoying.
stomach ache too ... 3rd day or so.

blah blah

Day didn't start out well. Woke up early (tired) and had to fix a bunch of shit.

I was just about to swear off computers for the day when I went to lay on my futon and saw my Axis network camera mounted up on the wall, staring back at me, wanting to be hacked.

So I wrote a program to extract a single image or a continuous stream of images from it. Now that the hard part is done, I need to write a Java server to get a single stream of images from my home to the colo place, then retransmit that stream to all the clients that are connecting (with a simple java applet that I'll need to write too.) This way 4 or 5 people don't saturate my home internet connection.

Can't decide what to do now. I don't feel like doing anything, and even though I'm tired, sleeping seems like a lame option.

Maybe I'll eat and clean my room.


I didn't even go outside today.
I still haven't put away the pile of laundry.
I did take a shower.
Never combed my hair, though.

I'm gonna go make some mac'n'cheese, for lack of other options. This will mark the first food I've made all summer, outside of toast.