June 13th, 2001


Computer Noise

I hate computer noise.... fans and high-pitched hard drives (of which I have way too many) both drive me crazy.

I moved my LJ dev server into the storage room so I wouldn't have to hear it.

However, that just made it easier to hear the high-pitch ringing of my 3 disk in my linux box.

I could replace power supplies for $65 each to super-quiet ones, but I don't think that's bad part. (maybe I'll do that also... I don't know)

I'd move my Linux box to another room, but I need to plug in my monitor and peripherals.

I see two solutions:

1) Make a thin-client ... celeron, no processor fan, quiet case fan, boot from network. Then I can move linux box far away. Replace windows box' power supply and processor fan with quiet ones.

2) Move linux box's RAID array into LJ-dev and NFS mount it. Con: dependency on that machine.

Anyone have any experience combating computer noise?


I have me a Macintosh!

I got a VNC server on it, so now I can control all 3 of my desktop machines with one mouse and keyboard ... very neat. It takes a long time to move the mouse from one side to the other, though, so I had to turn up my mouse acceleration.

Now to fix some Macintosh LJ bugs.....

mac go crash

My mac locked up. That didn't take long.

heh. :-P

Update: crashed again! (but this time the power button doesn't even work! woo! time to pull the plug.....)


I have a headache.

Gonna go run in the park.... might make both worse, but I'm hoping the exercise will do me well.


good run ... not long at all, but enough to give me some energy.

sneezin' like crazy now, though ... all that pollen. should have taken some claritin first. I haven't used it lately since I haven't been leaving the house much. which kinda sucks, btw. but what is there to do? .... oh, today I went and returned books. got a whole $8.50 for 4 of them! pathetic. but then I went and visited blythe at work, then went to true value to get stuff to build shelves on my wall.

oh, I got off-topic. back to the subject of "woo-hoo" ... my laptop shipped! it should be here in a few days.

Laptop questions

Two laptop questions.

1) I need a power adapter for my car. Does this look good? Anybody know of better/cheaper ones? This looks neat, but I understand that DC --> AC inverters aren't terribly efficient. Would it be safe to use one for a prolonged period of time while the car is running? I assume the alternator would keep up. Who knows electrical stuff?

2) Anybody have a copy of Partition Magic I could borrow? I need to resize my laptop's Win2K NTFS partition down so I could make space for Linux. I think I'm going to make a big ext2 partition for mp3s so I could use Explore2fs to access them from Windows, then the rest will be ReiserFS.

Update: DC to AC to DC is stupid. Getting the one Sherm suggested at Office Depot. And Partition Magic I can get free from school.