June 19th, 2001


programming & bran van 3000

I love programming. I love having a problem and trying to solve it. The past few days I've been enjoying a lot more fun than usual ... coming up with some really nice solutions to things that were previously bugging me. I've found that when I start running into trouble, rather than backing away and trying a new approach I'll keep working further in the direction that was causing me trouble and eventually a clean solution will present itself.

I also love BV3K ... they've kept me company programming the past few days.

Wait ... could it be? Yes... I think Bran Van is responsible for giving me good ideas the past few days. Hell yea'.

Hey Lisa, do you have their other album?
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    Bran Van 3000 - The Answer

intelligent conversations at 4am

(03:57:37) brad: LIKE MY PICTOR!?
(03:58:03) dormando: IT IS VERY GUD
(03:58:15) brad: I DRW IT AL BYU MYSELF
(03:58:20) brad: WIDH I AHD CRAYONS
(03:58:22) dormando: Wowowowow. Love the angle.
(03:58:25) brad: BUT I HATE THEM ALL
(03:58:36) brad: ATE
(03:58:37) brad: ATE
(03:58:38) brad: NOT HATE
(03:58:42) brad: I LUB CRAYONS
(03:58:59) dormando: so do I, so do I.


Woke up at noon.
Read two hundred emails.
Fixed a bunch of bugs.
Going to get world wrapps with Chuck, then kayack.

air cool. skin warm.

kayak ... no c.
well, we jet-skied instead.
threw chuck off.
went around mercer island.
saw chick posing for pictures in orange bikini on front of a boat. she waved at us as we went by. should have picked her up and left her photographer behind. ;-P
got way too much sun.
came back to read LJ ... too many comments.
AlanJ --- I need the X-LiveJournal patch! :-)
So much noise, so little signal.
have to go replace NICs in BIG/ip soon with Raja.
kinda beat... not sleepy tired, just worn out.