June 20th, 2001



UPS came to deliver my laptop while I was in the house, awake even, and I didn't hear them and they left a note on the door saying they'll come back tomorrow.

Suck suck.

BTW, this is post #6,000 of mine. Special, isn't it?

Wow, if you call the UPS tracking number they ask you to say, not enter, your InfoNotice number. I didn't even speak clearly and it detected it perfectly ... right on.

But ... I can't go pick up my laptop today. It stays on the truck to be delivered tomorrow. I'm going to be sitting in the front yard tomorrow in a lawn-chair drinking a beer at 10:29 waiting for him. Grrr.

Exciting Afternoon

I decided to go get an oil change & food, since I was starving. I went to U. Village but it was crowded and Jiffy Lube had a huge line ... I decided to get out of there. I decided to go to Northgate ... then I remembered Hoku lives in Northgate now, so I called her and we decided to go to Red Robin for lunch.

On the way there I saw a UPS truck in my rear-view mirror. I thought, "hey, maybe this is the same driver!" so I pulled over, waited for him to pass me, then followed him until he stopped. When he got out I asked him if he was the Sandpoint driver. He wasn't, but he was a really nice guy and he proceeded to give me tons of seemingly useless information. It felt like that scene in Wayne's World where they're asking the limo driver where Mr. Bigg is (or something). Anyway, he then goes, "hey, let me give you a number." I go, "I already have the dispatch number." (Blythe had just given it to me.) He smiles, "No, let me give you a good number. Here.... this is Mary. She'll get you in touch with the driver." Rawk on.

So I called Mary but her communication system with the drivers was down, so I said I'd call back in an hour after lunch. Mary was really nice. It was cool calling and having her pick up immediately instead of going through voice menus.

I met Hoku and saw her new place, had lunch, then went back to my place. Called Mary back and she said she'd contact the driver and see if I could go meet him somewhere. Hoku and I played basketball ... she beat me once, then I beat her (PIG). Mary called back... the driver's going to come back. Hooray! It's been awhile, though... hope he's coming.

I took Hoku to work, and now I'm sitting around patiently.

Overall, a very good afternoon. Hanging out with Hoku was awesome and I'm going to get my laptop today. Ah yea'

beautiful, truly.

I'm waiting for some crap to install so I'll post. (Posting this from my laptop, btw... got LJ client installed in Windows)

Yeah, the screen is beautiful ... 1600x1200, on a laptop! The screen in HUGE! It's crystal-clear too... If I let you touch it, try not to hump it. If you do, though, I'll understand.

The keyboard is really easy to type on... that was my biggest concern.

Everything's damn fast, Office XP looks neat, there are tons of fun connectors in the back, there's a eraser mouse and a touchpad, and the batteries have a button on them you can press (when they're outside of the laptop) to tell you how charged they are...

everything's just so damn cool! I'm making partition magic boot disks now, then I'm going to install Linux.

Setting up networking was easy... plug the card in, DHCP gave it an address and the gateway... kick ass.

Update: DVD quality is wonderful, too! :-P

Update 2: Picture!

Partition Magic stupidness

So, I resize a partition, create some partitions, realize I want it differently, so I hit undo a few times, but one too many times and I'm back at the beginning. Then I resize again, add my 3 partitions, then apply changes.

It reboots, and it says there are 11 changes to be done. I think, "Well, that's odd, but whatever." After the 4th one I realize what's happening ... it's doing all my changes, including the ones I un-did, and then doing the opposite of the action for when I pressed undo. How fucking stupid. Whoever implemented that should be taken out back and shot.

But it's okay, because I'm eating apple sauce and listening to Bran Van 3000. I just wish it'd finish in the next hour... it's so slow.

Linux woes

Installing Linux on my laptop is going as bad as I expected. Perhaps even a little worse.


Oh well... it's a learning experience.


reboot into windows.
get files.
reboot into linux.
rinse, repeat.

ethernet might be working in linux sometime soon? hah. we'll see.


My laptop now boots Linux without locking up! :-)

Now to configure the pcmcia stuff so my network will work, then things are easy.

Keyboard locked... whoops.

Going well.

I just locked the keyboard, though, and I can't figure out how to unlock it. (that stupid keyboard lock light is on at the top... I can hit certain keys to go into the BIOS, adjust volume, screen brightness, etc, but I can't type)

I don't want to reboot because I don't want to fsck.

Anybody with a Dell got a clue? The manual is installed on Windows, which I can't get into now. Google searches have been useless. Off to Dell's annoying site I go....

AHHH I hate Dell's site:

I search. I find this:

"Why is my keyboard not responding?"

I click it.

"An Error Has Occurred Processing Your Request
Error Details: No document was found that matches the Document Number specified"


"Why does my Inspiron 5000 or 5000e keyboard feel loose?" Hehe .... cuz I got through with it last night? :-P

I hate this website...

Update: Fn-ScrollLock. I guess that makes sense, in retrospect. Good use of an out-dated key. Remember when scrolllock used to do something?


the Xircom CardBus Ethernet II 10/100 card I got doesn't work with Linux...

looking in /var/log/daemon.log after I insert it, it says it's an unsupported card.

I forgot I'm letting Blythe borrow a PCMCIA network card that I used to use in my Windows CE handheld, so I'm going to go pick that up and hope it works.


But it's summer... so it's okay. I like challenges. It'll feel good when it's all working. I knew this was gonna suck.