June 22nd, 2001


helps if I plug it in

I told myself I'd go to bed, but I'm still at it.

I was in the middle of doing a make-kpg modules_image when the laptop turned off behind me. (I'm on my desktop machine ssh'ing in). I figured the power management kicked in, not getting any keyboard/mouse interrupts or something. Well, turns out I had the power connected to the back of the laptop, but not to the wall.

bradfitz@lapwarmer:~$ apm
AC on-line, battery charging: 9% (0:33)

It's charging back up now. It would've lasted longer, but I only had one battery in because I needed the floppy earlier.

Anyway, I fetched pcmcia-source and went to build the modules (after fixing the Makefiles, as described in the mailing lists) and went to install it, but it conflicts with modules I'd enabled in the kernel, so now I just rebuilt a new kernel_image and modules_image ... looks like it's working. Cool.

ain't no party like a bran van party

I'm going to bed.

I'm amused watching the LiveJournal vs. Blogger voting competition from both angles.

On the LiveJournal side: post post post post
On the Blogger side: post post

Funny stuff.

So yeah.... Mark says we need 300 votes to win it. We'll see. I'm going to leave Saturday or Sunday and not look at it until I get back .... hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised but I'm not counting on anything.

Most amusing, though, is watching sherm get pissed off at Webby posts. :-P

Much to do!

That was a good 11 hours of sleep, but now I have a handful of errands to run, then a good full day and night of LJ work to do .... so much to do before I leave.