June 23rd, 2001



A network card in my ljdev box is going bad, it seems. Never noticed it until I went to rsync everything on it to my laptop and it was going at sub-modem speed... 30% packet loss is bad.

I could probably force my laptop to lower its TCP retransmission timeout or something, but I really need to replace the NIC. But.... I have an extra NIC in there for when I was testing natd stuff. So I thought I could edit /etc/rc.conf and switch which one I was using, right? Seems like it'd work... so I went in there and moved the cable into the right one while it rebooted. Came back up and now I can't ping it.

I was going to haul a monitor and keyboard in there (tedious) but I've just talked myself into the solution ... I think I need to unplug my switch for a second to flush its arp cache.

Nope... that wasn't it. *sigh*

I'm totally not ready to leave Sunday, mentally or physically (things to do).


working furiously to finish the 10 billion things i gotta do before I leave tomorrow morning.

still can't get PPP working ... so close, though.

using martmart's advice about waiting for '~--', it now connects and doesn't die right away, but ppp0 is never created, and the phone disconnects in 10 seconds or so for some reason. but that's progress! wvdial seemed promising, but didn't work. i can use minicom I guess to read my mail, but I'd like a real ppp connection.

but PPP is the least of my troubles .... LJ is my main focus now. I'll deal with laptop stuff tonight I guess.

i love email

Don't you wish you got cool emails like this?
Doubtful that you'd actually check this message. Afterall, you commented on the ammount of e-mail that you get everyday... But why not try? But see! I got your attention in the subject... So you did check me! I noticed you on your Live Journal, I read about your interest in goats, cheese and Ethiopian food. All caught my eye. I love Ethiopian food. I used to live in Addis Ababa. My theory is; the wot and ingera taste the best in their home country because of all the bacteria they aquire. I just doesn't taste the same in any western country. Hi, my name is Rae. I am 18 and now live in Stockholm, Sweden... Although I am an American. (I am originally from the East coast.) I am 5'9, light brown/strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes...I don't actually have a journal on the Live Journal site, my sister does, but she doesn't matter. And now, for my next order of business; I'll give you an overview of my interests. They are: Theater and Cinema, hushålls ost (cheese), dance, Martinis and beer, paint, musicians, feet, the past, making my sister fly, swimming, fairies, ankle socks, man-skirts (the long ones), e-mail, green, wax, sleeping, sitting in the sauna, tea tree oil, ...umm, I could go on, but I'll spare you... For now. I'm gonna go crash now. Maybe I'll hear from you; maybe I won't. -Rae

I am now enlightened. Thanks, Rae!


Stupid doorbell

Our doorbell is frickin' loud but I can never hear it. I had music on, but not too loud. People I've missed now include: UPS, Nighthawk, Pizza Hut.

The pizza man is on his way back ... sucks for him. Sucks for me too. I'm hungry. They should carry cell-phones.

Music's off and my room door is open ... come to my belly, pizza.


I just changed lilo to write to the linux partition, not the MBR, and I'm running the other suspend to disk partition creator tool, since the dell-laptop FAQ since that all I8K laptops aren't the same and have different BIOSes, so you have to try both utilities. Anyway, this one didn't tell me what it was doing and isn't giving me any progress. I have this bad feeling that I'm going to be totally screwed when it's done... it's probably overwriting partitions it's not supposed to.

I might be rebuilding my laptop tonight.

I once wrote a program on my TI-85 three times because I kept accidentally clearing it. I was going too fast in the VARS delete menu, trying to free memory. This was on a family vacation road-trip around the US ... each time I wrote it it went faster and I improved it a bunch, but it still sucked. Rebuilding my laptop tonight would suck.

I really hope this works.

In other news, this is damn funny.