July 9th, 2001


Vacation: done.

After two dozen phone calls and hours upon hours on hold, Whitaker finally got his flight information sorted out and is now on the plane. The trick: if you're talking to somebody stupid, just call back and hope you get somebody helpful. Repeat as necessary.

With Whitaker gone, my vacation is now done.

I got 90 minutes of sleep last night due to the flight problems and 5 hours the night before. It's sleepin' time now. I'll wake up tonight and clean the inside of my car, my room, do my laundry, go grocery shopping, and program. (in all likelihood I'll just program, but at least my intentions are productive)


I'm stealing AlanJ's subject.

Cleaned car, did laundry, went grocery shopping, cleaned the kitchen a bit, did a bunch of stuff on the computer .... feeling accomplished.

I wish my room had a window... kinda hot in here. Or maybe that's my sunburn/tan.

Modified my image mangement scripts a bit to behave how I like and make a lot of things easier. Trip images are now being uploaded (at a speedy 13 kbps...)

I got Deluxe Scrabble! Lisa --- want to play?

So much stuff to do, but I won't list it. I'm going to work all evening and all night if I can keep up this energy level. We'll see.

Laptop Screwed. Brad sad.

Screwed up my laptop upgrading the kernel. I do this all the time and have never had problems (especially with Debian and make-kpkg). However, now the system boots and LILO says:


Which means "The descriptor table is corrupt. This can either be caused by a geometry mismatch or by moving /boot/map without running the map installer."

I booted off a Debian CD, ran a shell, mounted the /target and /target/boot, ran a shell chrooted to /target, then ran /sbin/lilo -v -v -v .... all looks fine.

This makes me sad. I just want it to work ... I hate fucking with it so much. I muse at installing Cygwin, Apache, MySQL, and emacs for Windows and using that as my development environment on my laptop. *sigh*

Update: fixed. Woohoo.

No salt, no salt.

Chuck just brought me the best damn margarita he's ever made.... usually they're way too runny and too strong. This one is nice and thick and actually has chunks of strawberries blended in it. And as a bonus, he put more tequilla than ever in it, but the strawberries overpower it and you can't taste it at all.

He's also making Jambalaya now ... it'll be ready in a few minutes. :-)

Dinner sure was easy tonight.