July 11th, 2001



I wish I had something interesting to write about, but nope.... once again my post will be about geeky crap.

I've been playing with gcj a bunch. I found a bug in it and made a minimal test case to illustrate it, wrote a bug report, then decided to just go look at the code... it was an easy fix. At least, I think it was... the fixed code is still compiling. gcc is huge. I wouldn't have to build all of it, but I don't know the source tree. (originally I was just using debian packages)

Anyway, gcj rocks. (this is related to S2 ... want to get a fast s2compile binary on the webserver)

I got plane tickets for the Webbies ... thanks to Rachel (tikva) for finding cheap fares. (sorry, don't know your username off hand)

Blah blah.

Oh, saw Final Fantasy the movie today ... damn impressive. I've never played any of the games but I love computer animations and this movie sure takes the cake. I can't wait to see actors replaces in 10 years. :-)

Heh ... talking to Blythe and she says something in her weird/cute/retarded voice so I imitate it and start talking like that. She tells me to stop talking like a dork. I told her I was just talking like her and she says, "exactly." Blythe's a dork! ;-P

La la... gcj is still building. Guess I'll go wash some dishes and get more iced tea.

Exciting life I lead, huh?
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