July 12th, 2001



talked to martmart on the phone prior to jet skiing... sharp guy. british accent too... always amusing. sorry, mart. :-P does my american accent sound goofy, too?

jet skiin' ruled. we took out a new toy ... grabs a lot of air.

my email server was getting slow .... figured out why and then figured out why parts of LJ are getting slow. considered a few solutions, didn't like any of them... decided on a better solution. called dormando ... gave him specs on a project to fix the problem. he's on it. he's a machine too. ;-P

LJ developers make me really happy .... alanj, dormando, martmart, and halkeye are all doing some kick-ass work lately. thegreatdark started sending me some patches today, too. this list is by no means complete, but these are the ones that I notice the most lately. shit... i gots me an idea.

first, need more iced tea.