July 27th, 2001



keynote speech is dumb this morning so I'm reading mail instead... kinda. the network here is getting worse every day. they have a T1 but either it's saturated (most likely) or the ISP sucks (also likely, considering it was down for a few hours the other day).

i'm not replying to mai, because everything's too painfully slow. don't feel sad if I ignore you. :-P

umm. i don't feel like writing anything else.


I finally got my suspend/resume working on my laptop, including from X. I can close the lid and open it later right where I left off. This may seem like small potatoes to people with Windows on their laptop but this has been a bitch, so bugger off, as those silly English people would say. :)

Going to some horse races with Deb and Jonathan tonight. That'll be cool... never been to the races before.