August 3rd, 2001


notable things

* spent 90% of day working on LJ servers. i hate that crap.

* bored and depressed most the day. at one point I just sat on my futon and spun a power cable in front of me for a half hour.

* chuck drove his car over to 5251 (old house) so I could pick up my old wardrobe (closet structure) now that my subletter is gone (i didn't need it before, but now that I'm in the pseudo room, I have no real closet)

* dana gave me a hug. hugs are nice.

* went and saw planet of the apes with a bunch of people. most interesting: scott went. getting scott to leave the house is always difficult... i think i've done it 4 times total. 2 of them were in the last 2 days, though, which is what's most impressive.

* movie was good.

* assembled wardrobe.

* cleaned room

life feels in order again, kinda. it's 3am, though. i have to learn a whole bunch of cisco stuff before 8pm tomorrow. and i have to setup the redirector machine. arrrgh. so much to do.

Funny: networking guy at InterNAP was talking to me the other day... starts talking about HSRP or something. Turns out it's some Cisco failover protocol. Like I'd know that. I say that I don't really know networking. (which is a bit of a lie... I know quite a bit, but I'm by no means an expert). The guy goes, "Umm... is there somebody else I can talk to?" Yeah, uh-huh... one sec. Let me transfer you to our network guru department here at LJ. "Nope, not really... just me", I say. In the end I figured out what was up.

I like learning new things, though.

Um, yeah. I should sleep? *sigh*


i have no motivation to build this redirector machine. it's so easy, but it's just boring and i have no energy. (no energy because of no motivation? don't know)

so i'm going running instead... i should run daily, but I don't. that'll wake me up. then i'll only have a few hours to build the machine but the tight timeline will make it seem more exciting and i'll be able to do it fast... kinda like doing homework at the last minute, but that's never exciting. good analogy.. almost. not.

okay, i'm out. somebody should run with me. i hate running alone. who in the seattle area wants to run sometime?