August 9th, 2001


ho hum

went running with nick, garrett, and mike. invited them all over for a movie and pool (initially nick's idea) but they all decided they wanted to go to bed early instead for work the next day. heh.

watched The Mexican on DVD ... it was okay. i just needed something brainless to pass the time.

worked on LJ a bit.

tired now... out of websites to read to kill time and put off sleeping. guess i'll go to bed.

windshield replacement people are coming tomorrow morning.... i should be awake for that.

haven't heard from blythe in awhile. she's either in swamped in schoolwork or getting me back for not mailing her in a few days.

yeah yeah

skeets doesn't think enough people are posting, so here!

productive morning. got my windshield replaced and played with DNS ... got all of the LJ servers using DNS internally instead of hosts files. I have CNAMEs now for things like masterweb instead of hardcoding the sync maint script to pull from kyle, which was previously kenny. fun stuff.

been joking around with lisa. heh. um... yeah. i'll refrain from posting my research.

it's hot here! like 90+ degress out. for oregon, this is baking. running later will suck... we're going to melt.

going to the beach this weekend i think... that'll be fun.