August 12th, 2001


beach beach beach

went to the beach with nick. fun stuff. we didn't manage to round up any womens but it's all good. saturday we went into town and drove to seaside. rented a movie. planned on making a fire but never did since it was freezing and we didn't bring sweatshirts or pants.

this morning we boogey boarded... fucking great. later we rounded up some people on the beach to play ultimate frisbee and did that for quite awhile. goddamn i'm out of shape. everybody we happened to round up turned out to be from washington (with the exception of nick) ... crazy.

oh, went to dive for a few catches but hard sand isn't soft like grass or dry sand.... skinned off a bunch of hair & skin on my leg. heh.

worked on S2 a bunch too. gonna commit to CVS now.

Mousewheel in emacs!

OMG how did I forgot to post about this!?! I figured out how to get my wheel mouse working in emacs.... yay for info pages!

Put this in your ~/.emacs file:

(fset 'scroll-up-lines
(fset 'scroll-down-lines
(global-set-key [mouse-5] 'scroll-up-lines)
(global-set-key [mouse-4] 'scroll-down-lines)

Bad. Ass.

I tried getting it to focus the buffer it was over instead of having to click once (when you have a window split) but couldn't quite figure it out. I'll keep working on it in my copius copious free time.