August 14th, 2001


Die, Voicestream

I just got spam from a Voicestream employee telling me to go into the Seattle store and get a friend to sign up for a $25 discount.

I called the guy's manager to complain about his practices (thinking he was just doing it to get commission) but she apparently supports it so I bitched her dumb ass out.

So, if you're a VoiceStream customer I encourage you to spam him back:

His name's Kyle Wright.

Be sure to tell him how you hate being interrupted with spam from a company you're already giving money to.

$1 bowling

went running... died. too hot and I didn't stretch before... my calves got all cramped up. but whatever... good run. I lasted the amount I was planning on running. Nick extended the run.

showering now and then going bowling with people... dollar night. hopefully LJ will stay alive until I'm out of my shower so I don't miss it like last week.