August 17th, 2001


fun. now back to seattle?

nothing profound to write about.

had a pretty nice last couple of days. hung out with dina a few times.

think i'm heading back to Seattle tonight... more productive there and there are things/people to do/meet there, respectively.

LJ stuff's been going pretty well too. Ton of stuff to do, though.

Blythe comes back in:

$ ./
10 days, 3 hours, 34 minutes, 58 seconds

My program to spit that out was 268 bytes. Scott reduced it to 204 or so by taking advantage of the fact that (day, hour, minute, second) are in alphabetical order. Clever.

no party

was invited to a party kinda... but without an address. then nick called me but nobody here answered the phone. found out he then went down to mike's so I headed down there... they were playing video games. i played some tennis for awhile but i suck at all video games. read some IEEE spectrum ... reading about how the ear works.

back at home now, wishing i was out partying, but working on LJ instead.

Update: party address mixup was result of a text message from me sent via voicestream page never making it (typo?). should've sent from phone & got confirmation notice. shit. ;-(