August 19th, 2001


fun shit

Saw Jay & Silent Bob strike back with "the boys" .... go see it. Good stuff.

Went to Taco Bell then and watched nick stuff himself. I'm sick of Taco Bell.... daberna is too. My stomache rumbled for about an hour afterwards.

Dina called me at Taco Bell, bored. Went home and did some LJ. Dina called me back, having discovered a get-together at the Tara/Tabby/Jen/etc house. David Browing was there, as well as Alycia Huskins, Lindsay Rowan (good conversation with her), and some other people. Somebody there had good taste in music... Squarepusher was on, they had Bjork posters and tons of Modest Mouse CDs. The girls were playing foosball way too enthusiastically .... Dina, Dave, and I refrained.

Family's off at the beach.

Gonna shower/brush/etc, do some LJ, play myself some pool, maybe watch some TV, then maybe go to bed.