August 27th, 2001

Trippy, tired, Tired

imagine i'm a weapon in your sheath

been at internap 3 times in the last 24 hours.
slept 6 hours in the past ... couple days?
my fingertips on my right hand are hot... i don't get it. really hot. but only once in awhile. i'm not touching anything hot.[1]
blythe returns tomorrow.

[1] Shutup Nick, I know I'm defective.

Pothead Brad

I was just cleaning up my room a little (Blythe returns from London in 2 hours) and noticed that my Internap LiveJournal badge has a cut in it... I must have brushed up against some metal edge somewhere and nicked it.

The funny part though is that the scratch is white and diagonal, right below to the right of my lip ... it looks like I have a joint hanging out of my lip. Heh.