August 29th, 2001


Big Newspapers

LiveJournal was in USA Today the other day, and today I get this email:
Hi Brad,

I am a reporter at the Wall Street Journal and I'm doing a story on Slurpees. I happen to cover 7-Eleven, and they're about to test market a diet slurpee, which will make all of us aging, spreading baby boomers happy. Could you email or call me so I can talk to you about your wonderful Slurpee website. My number is 214-951-xxxx. You can either call collect, or call me and I'll call you right back. Or email me at
Heh. The Wall Street Journal and USA Today? Score.


coolest damn userpic:

why do you build me? buttercup baby, just to let me down.....
i need you more than anyone darling ...
so build me up, buttercup don't break my heart...

working on LJ. sherm's coming over to work too. he's bringing katebate. chuck wants to go jet skiing later ... bet blythe wants to go too, don't ya? :-)

played guitar for quite awhile... fun. signed up for hour lessons once a week now... starting next monday. can't wait.