August 31st, 2001



Went to dinner with Raja and Evan tonight. Good talk.... discussion ranged from 2616 to 37. Evan came back afterwards and we tried to work. We never get anything done, though. Annoyed (see following paragraphs), I just watched a movie instead.

Kinda in an odd mood lately. Lots of stuff isn't how I want it to be, but I'm not even sure what I want half the time. Explaining further would involve going into details and trying to figure it all out myself, and I can't.

I suppose one thing I can talk about easily is work... working at home sucks. Wake up, move 5 feet, work alone all day, move 5 feet, go to bed. Repeat. When I do have people over to work it turns into an unproductive social gathering. I need to rent some office space. But only 3 people in the Seattle area would ever "come into work". I'm so much more productive when I'm working with other people, challenging them and them challenging me. Working in my bedroom is lame. And working on IRC is like working in my bedroom... too much chat, too little work... not to mention too much typing.

6 months of school. Blah. Then what? Then where? But really this concerns me very little. It's only added to show there is more than one thing bothering me... I just can't discuss everything else? I don't know... maybe I could, but I'd have to get the wording right, and I suck at that.

I need to stop seeing the bad in everything and enjoy something. It's hard when you're surrounded in crap all the time, though. I start guitar lessons next Monday... that'll be fun. I wish I had more people to share my crap with. Small doses of crap are manageable and sometimes even fun, if interleaved with fun stuff. Doing nothing but crap is depressing.

Even writing all this, I still feel no sense of closure ... I was hoping I'd figure something out.

iBill can blow me

So I get mail from asked me to participate in their survey. Further, "The first 100 people to completely fill out the survey will receive an iBill T-shirt! Go for it and help us to help you!"[1]

So I fill it out (it's ColdFusion too btw, so that can blow me also) and it never even asks for my name, shipping info, etc.

Not only are they not sending me out a t-shirt, but they're making it 100% obvious they're not sending anybody one.

Let's contrast this to PayPal where I got a personal email, followed by a personal phone call, where I chit-chatted with a very nice lady for a half hour. Then I got a kick-ass t-shirt fed-exed to me the very next day. How cool is that?

I know whitaker and evan are tracking all the people and things that can blow me... what am I up to now? 8?

[1] Also of note, lame Jerry Mcguire rip-off.
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Productive Day

This morning I made a list of everything I want to get done today and in the near future. Having a list to cross stuff off makes it into a game ... it's fun moving stuff from the "TODO" to "DONE" section. Also, with a list you don't have to keep thinking of all the stuff that isn't done... you get it down once and just work top-down.

Yeah, I know this isn't a shocking revelation, but sometimes I forget and have to rediscover it. In any case, I've got a ton done today.

I'm going running now. Still need to find a reliable running buddy. Chuck went with me once but won't ever go again now. :-)

Qwest can blow me

You know why I like InterNAP? I call their NOC and a human picks up the phone on the 1st ring and that same human answers my question or fixes my problem. No transferring, no waiting. Oh, and the human's smart.

You know why I hate Qwest? I call and wait on hold for 15-25 minutes because they're always experiencing a "high call volume". That stupid message should say, "We're currently experiencing a high caller to monkey ratio... we'd hire more monkeys but they eat too many bananas."

Oh, I got a new message! "I'm sorry your wait is so long. Your call is very important to us. We'll get to you as soon as possible. Please continue to hold." And in the most corny voice. If I met that person in real life I'd kick their ass.

I wouldn't be on the phone with Qwest now if the 5251 people would have transferred all their accounts into their own names like they were supposed to.

But you know what really irks me? What's the alternative to Qwest for local phone service? Regulated monopolies are just as shitty as unregulated monopolies... same shitty quality & service.

In other news, I've got 7 notable things done today, with a major 8th one in progress. And I'm hungry... gonna make spaghetti soon here, after I get through to this damn place.


I went upstairs to talk to Chuck, but he's gone. His car's in the shop.. how did he leave? Ah, Kenji's gone too. I see how it is. Mysterious: Chuck asked me what I was doing tonight. I said nothing. Now they're gone, presumably doing something fun? Well screw them all!

I'll just stay in the house and do nothing, occasionally going upstairs to get more iced tea and holding my nose as I go up the stairs that are increasingly smelling like Kenji's bedroom.

Oh well, I have stuff to do anyway. Todo item #8 is asking to be bitch-slapped.