September 1st, 2001



Nobody's on AIM or IRC ... guess I'm hacking solo. I was about to go to bed but then I realized, "shit, today's a good day... got a lot done... why end it?" But I was still tired, so I thought of a plan to keep me awake: chips, salsa & iced tea. Mmmm. Oh, and loud music.

This project will get done tonight... oh yes.

Guitar beats sleep

I tried to sleep but failed.

Instead I've been alternating between guitar & programming. I've got the bass line to Nirvana's Come as You Are down, as well as the chords & melody to Blink 182's Damnit.

Been trying a few Tom Petty songs too but even the easiest ones are difficult in that one or two chords require stretching an obscene distance. I was playing along to Free Falling the other day, but I can't do the Bsus/addE chord (224400)

Update: 6:07 am: The rain woke Chuck up and he went outside to cover his workout bench with a tarp. He heard me playing and knocked on my door, but I couldn't hear him since I had headphones on. I then went to close my window at the same moment his head was right in front of it... fucking spooked the shit out of both of us. Me moreso, I think. Anyway, now he's going to learn "Damnit" and we can play the two parts together.
Trippy, tired, Tired


Chuck and I made a big breakfast this morning. Just noticed he's sleeping now. I think I'm going to bed now also.

The big project I was working on is about 90% done... I'm satisfied. The other 10% will be easy, too, but I'm too tired.

Good email

I woke up to so many good emails this morning (1 pm)....

Dormando found an option in the PowerEdge BIOS I couldn't find. A fellow newbie guitar player @speakeasy suggested how I might better play that chord in the Tomp Petty song I mentioned the other day. Avva sent me some huge clean-up patches, as well as fixing an alarm bug. Gavin sent me some patches I'd asked for before his trip and had forgot about. Lisa wrote me about a party.

Good stuff, good stuff.

i have an agent!

(16:27:07) todd: Hey.. you dar buddyboy?
(16:27:27) brad: yeah
(16:27:36) brad: i'm rocking out here
(16:27:44) todd: record it and let me hear it!
(16:27:50) todd: or do the voice thingy over aim
(16:31:15) brad: i use gaim. :P
(16:31:21) brad: dont' have a mic on this machine anyway
(16:31:26) brad: i'm gonna make some mp3s though
(16:31:27) todd: oh cool cool
(16:31:29) brad: i'll put 'em in my journal
(16:31:36) todd: yah! i'll bearshare them! you'll be huge
(16:31:41) brad: hahah
(16:31:45) todd: let me be your agent
(16:31:48) todd: i'll take care of you
(16:31:55) todd: just sign here : X_____________________
(16:32:21) brad: brad fitz
(16:32:30) todd: woohoo!
(16:32:33) todd: okay, now
(16:32:38) todd: pay your agent fees
(16:32:49) todd: or.. maybe we can work something out....
(16:32:50) brad: 100% of my profits!?
(16:32:52) brad: $0 !!