September 2nd, 2001


need monkeys

(14:23:08) opi: alright
(14:23:36) opi: I'll try to work on that...keep myself busy
(14:27:23) brad: if you get stuck, let me know
(14:27:27) brad: that's something i've wanted for awhile
(14:27:32) brad: but never knew the best way to attack
(14:27:37) brad: you figured out the hard part
(14:27:40) brad: (category-based)
(14:27:45) opi: heh
(14:27:48) opi: alright
(14:28:00) brad: programming is just monkey work
(14:28:05) brad: i don't own enough monkeys
(14:28:15) brad: designing requires the brain
(14:28:22) brad: dr. pepper instead of bananas
(14:28:31) opi: hahahaha

Been trying to get the strumming pattern down in Modest Mouse - Gravity Rides Everything ... think I got it now but it feels a little awkward still.