September 3rd, 2001



Where is everybody? You'd think it was Sunday night and everybody had to go to work tomorrow or something!




(23:33:59) dormando: Anyway, what he does need: A good rundown on again.
(23:34:13) brad: why don't you write one and we'll stick it in doc/ ?
(23:34:30) dormando: Tomorrow will be doc day
(23:34:41) dormando: a little like christmas, except I lose and everyone gets docs
(23:35:00) brad: ROTFLMAO

UPDATE!! (even my <B> HTML is upper-case!) chuck caught a Mariner homerun foul ball bare handed just now, in the 11th inning, no less!!(@!#!!

<Starblazer> i'd rather give birth to septuplets than learn perl.
<Starblazer> and i'm male...