September 4th, 2001


Rearranged room

I rearranged my room last night at like 3am. Swapped the bed & closet (er, "wardrobe") such that the closet will block the two corner windows. .. I have 6 huge windows in this room... half my walls are glass. Annoying. Too much light ... wakes me up.

Actually, this morning I got woke up by some reporter. I can't even remember if I was amiable ... probably not. I guess they don't understand my sleeping schedule.

But I'm up now! I didn't go back to bed. 4-9 ... who needs more than 5 hours of sleep? I figure I'll go to bed at a normal time tonight, which I need to start doing since I have to adjust to waking up at 7:30 soon for school. (yes, I'm stupid and took another 8:30 class)

I had a bunch of great ideas today in the shower... but one I can share! (non-LJ boring) I wanted some tater tots but I didn't want to make them (so hard, you know). I thought, "Hey, Chuck can make them and then we'll share them." We both win --- he gets food for effort and I get food for money (I had bought them last week). Then I realized, "Shit ... that's like a pre-80's marriage!" Those guys really had it figured out.

Anyway, I preheated & spread the taters in a single layer. Chuck put them in the oven when it was ready. Guess we're doing the new marriage thang. :P

Now to work on LJ stuff ... or maybe clean that pile that's still in the middle of my room. (I've been gradually attacking it from both sides)

Update: There's a ghost in my room. I wonder if he'll help me program ... I have a lot to do today.
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Been watching more DVDs lately ... fun stuff. I can work on my laptop on my futon and still watch.

Cleaning my room I found some DVDs that people had sent me when I was in Oregon and had forgot to enter in my DVD list.... thanks to darksoul for Cast Away, naygoo for Traffic, and graphxgrrl for Rising Sun (which I watched the other night... appreciated it a lot than I did 5 years ago when I saw it last).

Unfortunately I have two copies of Traffic now, since I bought one from my brother when I was down in Oregon... he had got it from Columbia House or something as a mandatory purchase so I just bought it from him instead. Anyway want a copy? :-)

Been reading the dvds community and updating my Amazon wishlist. I haven't bought DVDs in a long time... been spending money on other things I probably don't need (guitar, CoolEdit 2000, etc...)

Tired. Nap time after movie? Probably not..... I need to force myself to stay awake.


Hi. My name is Brad. I an am open source programmer. I just watched the movie Antitrust and now I'm inspired and am going to go save the world just like Ryan Phillippe. Too bad Rachael Leigh Cook got arrested ... she was seccsy.

Please don't disturb me ... I need to go hack the encryption codes and upload my source code to the mother satellite now. Oh yeah, can you read me those IP addresses again? The biggest company on the planet is too lame to setup DNS. Thanx.