September 5th, 2001


Morning in review

Went to bed last night around midnight... wanted to go to bed at 8 pm... so tired.
Woke up at 10 this morning but was too warm wrapped up in my dozen blankets.
Went back to bed... woke up at 1:30.
Did some work.
Nice and rainy/cloudy out... favorite weather. Puts me in a good mood.
Going running now.
Then shower, then eat, then more work.


stomach ache all day. room's clean though. got my USB mouse working on my desktop machine (it was easy on my laptop but I forgot to mknod /dev/input/mice this time). made sherm some tools. did I mention I have a stomach ache?

Maybe I'll go make some food... maybe the kitchen is clean? Hm. I try to clean it daily lately but sometimes I go up there and it's just so bad I leave and hope somebody else will clean it.


I'm boring so I'm going to watch another movie by myself now. Oh, it's okay; Mr. Laptop will keep me company. We'll work on removing numeric constants and ljcom logic from the livejournal tree... Mr. Laptop and I love to do that.