September 10th, 2001


Printer Surgery

My printer jammed up again because, well, it always does... the only reason I don't get too pissed off is because I don't print too often.

So, I fixed it. I watched the piece of plastic that didn't move into the right place and just cut it off. Works like a charm now.

Off to get food and go to my first guitar lesson now.


what do I want to do?
what do I want?
what should I be doing?
what should I want?
should I want anything?
too little to do or too much to do?

the end.
good post, huh?
i thought so.

Update: I'll go running.

good run

Found another cool run.

The key to running is finding tons of cool routes so you never get bored and always have a different run to fit your mood, the weather, muscles you want to work, etc.

Lot of cute chicks were out running today on this route too.... score. ;-P