September 14th, 2001


No lights

I wish this house had lights in it ... all the built-in house light fixtures don't work. Rather, they get no power... our house was built during a time when people were starting to think having a 120 volt switch on the wall was dangerous they have relays in the walls (which make really loud clicking noises) and low voltage switches. Problem is... most the relays are dead. The bathroom lights work... the kitchen works. One light in the dining room works.

We have a really nice light fixture above the stairs but it has no power.

So.... I trip & fall up and down it every night. It hurts. I'm stupid.

Movie time!

Worked on making LJ faster & cleaner for the past many hours ... Chuck just woke up. We're going to watch Army of Darkness now. I'll probably fall asleep on the couch.

bday present time

Blythe's 21st birthday is tomorrow. I'm off to get her a present now.... it might seem I'm a slacker, but I've been thinking about it, ya see... I finally figured out what I'm going to get. Now I just need to go find it.

Yup yup.

Brad 1 Chuck -2

Went jet skiing with Chuck and Kenji after shopping. Fun stuff. Did a whole bunch of stuff ... found a tennis ball in the water... tried to peg each other with it while driving. Chuck and I tried to flip each other off.... I flipped him off once (he's scared of me driving... pussy) and he flipped himself over twice.

Came back and played on Kenji's electric piano ... it rules. I want one. Naah, I'll just play his now that his room doesn't stink (he Febreezed it). I was composing some mad shit ... brought tears & fears out of Chuck and Kenji. Then I played some Fur Elise ... slowly. Still weak reading bass clef.

Been looking into real-time sound effects processors for Linux. Found 3 or 4 that look promising. I have my real one, but it'd be cool to have one on my laptop. ;-)

Vroom vroom

Eli and Erik are over... played some guitar with Eli. We're all playing PS2 upstairs now... Grand Turismo...vroom vroom.

Good post. Read.

Making some tater tots now. Blythe turns 21 in 23 minutes and can officially start drinking. :-P